How To Talk To Your Children

Concentrate on energizing what\’s working in a child’s behavior. And ‘storing’ what the child is doing that is right and good.

All children do good things.

 If you have 4 year old who “kicks, bites, scratches, and pushes” when she/he are “pushing and scratching” but not “kicking” you say: Moishi or Leah, “your not kicking!” or: “I know how hard it is for you to give up your turn, and yoist gave up your turn to David”, or: “you came home and you put away your backpack”, or: “I noticed you said the first two lines in the benching”.

Just keep noticing all the things that your children are doing, from the simple to the hardest. That will give them a story of success  . “My mother noticed, my father noticed WOW.” That gives a child a sense of importance of who they are.


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