Meet Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth. In her hometown she and her husband had a small farm, were able to grow their own food and sell some at the local market.
She was heavily pregnant when she fled the conflict in South Sudan, forced to hide and then give birth in a swamp, her husband playing the role of midwife. She named her newborn child Swampy. Elizabeth’s husband was killed, and she and her family reached a camp for displaced people – weak, desperate and hungry.

Today, we’re helping Elizabeth and her family, and many thousands like them, with your help. Share this post to help us share Elizabeth’s story and spread the word about what’s really going on in South Sudan.

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Mummy Says… Notes on motherhood and family life

How tough is motherhood?

I’m forced awake before 6am everyday for another round of this thing that is life. I’m always woken by screams after a night of perhaps five broken hours of sleep. I tend to the basic necessities of two small human beings – I feed, wash and clothe them. I express my love for them. Over the next couple of hours, I lift one or both of them continuously, I reason with the larger one using negotiating skills that would make my country proud. I settle disputes, I calm anger, I kiss away pain. I make decisions for them, I make choices about the things that matter most in their lives. At the time that most London office workers sit down at their desks for the day, I drink my second cup of cold but strong coffee. No-one ever says thank you.

This is motherhood. It is not the world’s hardest job. It is not some cult for over-achievers. It is not some clique of amazing super-human women. It is not a club of martyrs. It is motherhood, and billions of us do it every day.

A fake job listing for a director of operations by a US advertising went viral this week. It asked people to apply for a 24-hour, 7 day a week role which was unpaid. Unsurprisingly, while thousands of people read the job description,  few clicked through to apply. Why would they? The advert, which was of course a tongue-in-cheek look at the role of a mother, made the job sound like hell.

But here’s the thing. I’m a mother of two, and it’s isn’t hell. It’s hard, yes; it’s tough some days, yes, it’s exhausting, often thankless, confusing, difficult, frustrating – it’s all of these things. But it’s not the toughest job in the world.

There are more complex jobs. The astrophysicist thinks far harder than I ever do. There are more difficult jobs. The surgeon separating conjoined twins has a more complicated job to do than me. There are tougher jobs. The cleaner emptying out sanitary bins at 3am who still can’t afford a decent meal for his elderly father – his job is tough. These are just obvious examples. But what of the men and women who every day work in jobs they dislike, or the men and women who must make hard decisions which affect the lives of hundreds?The policy makers, the finance directors, the editors, the soldiers, the carers, the teachers – they are never described as having ‘the toughest job in the world’.

I have a baby and a toddler and they are both completely dependent on me to feed them, nurture them, and keep them safe. What I do will affect their lives. The decisions I make today will have an impact on their futures. I want them to grow up to be kind and thoughtful and generous and brave – and it is I that must teach them to be these things. It is I that must spend each day giving them the tools they need to make it in this world. It is a role that carries with it a great deal of responsibility.

But being a mother is also a role that is filled with love and laughter and infinite joy. It cannot be the toughest job in the world, because for every sleepless night and hour spent distracting a toddler on the verge of a tantrum, there is a lifetime of holding in your arms the being you made. No-one will ever love you in the way your child will. This gift to you will be forever yours. Knowing this, I defy you to tell me that being a mother is tougher than anything else.

Being a mother is not a job. It is not something you get a P60 for and clock in and clock out for. It is not something you train for and get a degree in. It is not something that can be measured by KPIs and performance reviews. It is not this cult-like thing you aren’t really a part of until you know how exhausting/challenging/thankless it is. Let’s not pretend that motherhood is anything other than the journey we find ourselves on when we have children. It doesn’t need to be about how many hours we were awake for, or how quickly we resolved a tantrum. It doesn’t need to be about how cleverly we juggle all the arts and crafts and toddler entertainment with running a perfect home and holding the family together.

All of this is just life. We have good days and bad days of it. We are mothers.

Billions of women before us, and billions of women after us – have done this and will do this. They will be mothers. And yes, being a mother is hard – but it isn’t the toughest job in the world. It’s just a particularly special one. Enjoy it. X


Women Are Women, But Men Are People

Of Means and Ends

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“I am not sure it’s wise. You want a ticket that represents men and women.”

Who said that about running two women on a presidential ticket? Mitt Romney? Mitch McConnell?

Oddly enough, it was Sen. Dianne Feinstein, one of two Democratic female senators from California. Feinstein didn’t explain if she felt like women had been unrepresented by almost every major party presidential ticket in history, but Ann Friedman nails the core issue:

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what are your most fearful moments

Halo, it has been a great time to hear from you for all this time and you can not believe this, look! it can be something that you can not a void or keep it for your self, my dear you can not live long if you at all face this king of problem in life, what are are your fearful moments? and how do you go by it, and how can you get rid of it. it’s very unfortunate that you are living in this kind of situation that you really need some peace for the rest of your life some times you can not sleep at midnight or at one during day time why? because it has become a problem. child of of God is not too late to over come such a problem in your life and most of the times it has affected your family, your relationship, at the place of work and even at your way back home. Many times , these things happens to you knowingly and even unknowingly. But there is only one solution for this kind of situation l bet to save your life. Just believe for your self that you can over come any thing that comes around your way,it’s only through confession by faith and something is finally done. all you have to do is tell fearful moment go way in the name of Jesus, it then will finally leave you. it’s all about believing in Jesus for ever in anything in your life.

Overcome fearful moments by confession through Jesus name, that is the only way out,ma


What is on your mind about this matter?

Is it because of indifference that God can give to someone so that one should help one another in one way or the other, look! these intelligent women that men fear of might be true in life just take a picture , if at all you came across one, what would you do. some things may come appropriate or not even the way you like it mostly, the stories continues……………